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Five Fantastic Swimming Pools from Ike Kligerman Barkley

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The established New York architecture firm of Ike Kligerman Barkley, currently listed on Arch Digest's prestigious AD 100, have turned their considerable skills on several swimming pools over the years with some breathtaking results. This 100-foot infinity pool with integrated hot tub (above) provides a beachfront border for a modern hacienda in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. From the home, the pool appears to be a particularly placid extension of the Pacific Ocean.

? Tasked with renovating and expanding a 1979 house in Fairfield County, Conn., IKBA artfully incorporated swimming pools into both the interior and exterior. The small plunge pool in the pyramidal great room shares the space with a kitchen, fireplace, dining tables, and even a grand piano. It's "unusual," admits design principal Thomas Kligerman, but a "calming arrangement."

? The exterior pool is a much more conventional affair, running parallel to the newly-constructed addition. It does complete a watery theme and according to Kligerman, "makes water the major organizing feature of this modern house.”

? Partner John Ike added dark shingles to this pool house on a New Jersey estate to lend "a touch of the macabre whimsy to the bathing experience." The bright blue of elliptical pool and verdant plantings keep things from getting too somber.

? Among the most traditional of IKBA's creations, this sunken pool room was created for an Arts & Crafts cottage in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. It was designed after an English gentleman's club of the 1920s, but the firm "lightened the effect with bright white tile and white paint accented with blue tile bands, custom grills and light fixtures."

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