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Dirty Denim Couch Has One Long Island Town in a Total Tizzy

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A public debate is raging in the Long Island resort community of Sag Harbor, N.Y. over the fate of the John Jermain Memorial Library's decades-old, denim-upholstered couch. Fans of the aging pile of cushions remember snuggling up on the couch and paging through Harry Potter back in 1998. Some even think the ratty indigo lounger should become the library logo, but library employees—who have probably witnessed much of the soiling of said couch—are united in their desire to replace it. Technology coordinator Eric Cohen said he would only sit on the beloved sofa “in a Hazmat suit." Meanwhile, children’s and young adult librarian Susann Farrell fears she'll be "tarred and feathered" if the cushy seating doesn't make it through the library's renovation. High drama and high stakes for one hella ugg-o old couch.
· Fate of a Blue Couch: Cherished and Loathed, Future is Unclear [Sag Harbor Online]