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Architects Build Rotating Zero-Gravity Room Here on Earth

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The fact that furniture is firmly planted on the ground—or the ground is indeed the ground—is apparently something too often taken for granted. Hence, the guys of Chicago-based architecture/design firm Bureau Spectacular have just created (what we're assuming is) the world's first zero-gravity simulation room in a Los Angeles backyard. Called Phalanstery Module, the circular wooden structure rotates so that a different surface becomes usable every 15 minutes, thus proving true the idea that "in zero-gravity, one can rotate in architecture and treat all surfaces as plans—i.e., walls, ceilings and floors. Without gravity, all surfaces can be occupied. The distinctions between orthographic drawings become obsolete." Architizer has time-release photos that document how the module changes over the course of an hour. Funny random fact: if two people are inside the room at once, they'll collide ever 7.5 seconds.
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