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The Story Behind London's Second Largest Private Residence

This London spread, second only in size to the Queen's very own Buckingham Palace, might look like the pinnacle of gaudy extravagance, but some rich folks will sue to keep from being associated with the place. Sold to a mystery buyer in 2008 for close to $100M, Wittenhurst House was the subject of intense media speculation. Self-made Russian construction queen Yelena Baturina was named by some newspapers as the buyer, but she promptly filed suit against the rags for associating her with such extravagance. What sort of extravagance? New features like a 70-foot underground lap pool, two-tiered private cinema, and a car elevator are all additions to the existing 40,000-square-foot, 65-room megamansion. Hopefully, someone will come forward and take responsibility for this swanky spread. Click over to the The Real Estalker for the eye-popping floorplan.
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