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Toni Morrison's Grand, Gabled Princeton Home Hits the Market

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Photos via Weichert

Princeton, N.J., is a quaint town full of lovely architecture and even lovelier tree-lined streets; its esteemed university and hourlong commute into NYC makes it a prime setting for wealthy family folk. So how does one separate the men from the boys in the game of high-end real estate? For starters, street cred goes to those houses built before 1900, and even more props are doled unto those that have very famous, very smartypants, very brainy residents. Author Toni Morrison's digs, built in 1880, perfectly fit the bill—the recently renovated property has been home to both a Nobel and a Pulitzer, after all, and boasts white-washed beamed ceilings, totally modernized kitchen and baths, and a traditional center-hall layout. With its desirable Nassau Street location just a short walk from Princeton University (where Morrison has taught over the years) and the restaurants and high-end shops in the center of town, it's no wonder this seven-gable structure is asking $1.795M.

· "The House of Seven Gables" [Henderson Sotheby's International Realty]