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Introducing the World's First Gender-Specific Household Iron

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You've heard of Iron Man, but have you heard of Man Iron? Thanks to Philips, that's now a reality that is "housed in a robust black outer casing" and "boasts a sleek design—resembling that of a premium sports car rather than a conventional iron." For extra effect, Philips has littered an extra heaping of manly words (normally used to describe videogame/superhero action and/or world wars) throughout the press release: "evil," "power," toughest," "unbreakable," "crushes," and "opposition." There's also an obvious reference to the manliest of all manly activities: "For difficult creases, Man Iron even has an Extra Steam Boost function that fires off an intense 100g shot of steam when you need it most, bulldozing creases in seconds." Someone should really remind these guys that they're talking about something that usually goes with floral, silicone-coated ironing board covers.

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