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Five Silver Screen Homes Seeking New Ownership This Summer

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Summer is blockbuster season and in the spirit of the summer flick, we've found five film-famous homes on the market now. Our first find starred in not one, but two movies: 1998's Stepmom and 2010's The Bounty Hunter. The Victorian, located in Upper Nyack, N.Y. has recently been chopped from $3.375M to $2.7M after being unable to find a buyer, despite sweeping Hudson River views, classic interiors, and eight bedrooms. Maybe Jennifer Aniston, flush with cash from the sale of her $37M Beverly Hills estate, will pop for the upstate escape, if only so people will stop talking about that stinker of a movie.

? The 1984 comedy Ghostbusters used NYC's 55 Central Park West as the location of the film's decisive scene, where the protagonists battle some evil reincarnated baddie. According to the movie, the building was designed by an insane architect named Ivo Shandor, but, in fact, the firm Schwartz and Gross drew up the blueprints in 1929. What started as a rental has been transformed into a co-op. This particular apartment enjoys the building's fabulous views, a small terrace, and two bedrooms, and is now on the market for $3.7M.

? 2010's Secretariat, which centered around the story of the famous Triple Crown-winning stallion, was partly filmed inside this Lafayette, La. manor house. The interiors were tweaked a bit to capture the period—and they didn't bother to feature the home theater—but true obsessives wouldn't have such a hard time returning it to silver screen glory. The estate is currently asking $1.15M.

? Now here's one we've seen before, the glassy 1953 home of Bueller's sidekick Cameron Frye in the '80s classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The 5,300-square-foot cantilevered structure, set outside of Chicago in Highland Park, has been lingering on the market for a while now and the price has been chopped down from $2.3M to $1.65M.

? Another Chicago movie house has had to resort to a price chop to attract interest. It's the Home Alone house in Winnetka, Ill., which had $225K trimmed off the asking price, leaving the sticker at $2.175M. Even with the reduction, the owners stand to make a pretty profit considering they purchased in 1988 for $875K.

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