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Question: Does This Office Resemble Female Genitalia or Not?

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Photos via Dezeen

Fast Company's design blog is getting down with its bad self and calling out the overwrought, poor taste of the new Shanghai offices of architecture firm Taranta Creatives. Most prominent in the space is a dramatic white staircase painted red inside that's meant to be “reminiscent of a large droplet of water ready to fall from the ceiling" but is actually reminiscent of lady parts. ("Once you see it, you can’t unsee it," Co.Design editor Suzanne Labarre correctly states.) Ascending the staircase brings you to the upper level, where workspaces appear to be dropped through the floor, thus turning the floor into a "desk" and giving anyone seated a prime view up the skirts of those walking around. All in all, we're talking "classy" with a capital "K."
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