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The Osbournes List Martyn Lawrence Bullard-Designed Manse

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Interior photos: Roger Davis/Arch Digest

Remember when Sharon Osbourne oohed and ahhed over her Martyn Lawrence Bullard-decorated condo on the series premiere of Million Dollar Decorators? Perhaps she and Ozzy have been so pleased with the designer's work that they've gotten their fix. According to The Real Estalker, the rock-star reality TV couple have listed their other Lawrence Bullard-designed home, tucked into Los Angeles's prestigious Hidden Hills, for $12.999M, hoping to make a profit on the $12,388,500 they bought it for in 2007. This is the very same 11,000-square-foot estate that was just featured in the June issue of Architectural Digest; all glam/gothic/English country decor aside, the property boasts six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, 2.25 acres of land, and detached staff quarters. Moments like these call for the word "fabulous" tongued with a heavy British accent.

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