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Post Traumatic Post-Modern Syndrome: Hatred of Crazy Buildings

Post Traumatic Post-Modern Syndrome: \ p?st-tr??matik-p?st-?mäd?rn-?sin?dr?m \ noun

Definition: A state of agitation, irritation, or general distate for glassy, oddly shaped, post-modern architecture, or a state of agitation, irritation, or general distaste cause by having worked on/designed glassy, oddly shaped, post-modern architecture.

Origin: First used on Architizer to describe the reaction of architect Ken Shuttleworth to his own creation, the Gherkin building in London (pictured).

Application: In a recent article in The Telegraph, Shuttleworth exhibited clear signs of PTPMS:

"I was in [the Gherkin] the other day. I was looking at the glass all the way around thinking, 'Why on earth did we do that?' Now, we would do things differently. Even if it was still a funny shape, it probably wouldn't have glass all the way around and, as it went further up, the building the facade would be more solid." On a long enough timeline, PTPMS creates cynical views about the general state of the industry: "I think a lot of architects are really egotistical, almost like artists who see themselves as a one-man show," said Shuttleworth, later ripping into Renzo Piano's Shard London Bridge: "I don't understand it. I was there the other day and I can't see how they are going to make it work, environmentally. It's, basically, glass all the way around, and extra-white glass, too, not the green glass we usually use, so it's even higher light transmission."

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