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Jon Stewart Blames Ikea For Making America "Sweden's Mexico"

On last night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart riffs on recent allegations that Ikea's American factory in Danville, Va., is one big, fat, modern-day sweatshop. (The company has offered this statement in response.) "They're treating these workers as if it's a third-world country," a union organizer tells corespondent Jason Jones, who later visits a "Swedish business expert" named Lars who's "dominant, arrogant, and so much more beautiful." Aiming to answer the question, "If Sweden was us, then who are we?" Jones visits a American Hickory Chair factory that "can't compete with our Swedish-run Mexican factories." Noticing workers putting furniture together, he muses, "the customers should be assembling it themselves." After a four-minute-long segment in which Jones breaks no fewer than two Ikea chairs, he comes to this conclusion: if the Danville factory does in fact unionize, "Ikea could ship down to South Carolina. And those guys work for pork rinds and horse vaginas."

Video: A Visit to Ikea's Danville, Va., Factory:

Video: A Visit to America's Hickory Chair Factory:

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