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Landlord Sets Guy On Fire Because He Was Late Paying Rent

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Today in horribleness, a Florida landlord named Jonathan Steinberg has just been arrested and charged with aggravated battery for setting fire to Ronald Rohde, one of his tenants, because he had been late on rent. Thinking smartly—and here's where the details get murky—Steinberg presumably barged on an underpants-clad Rohde. The two started arguing, Steinberg cut him in the back with a screwdriver, then doused Rohde's boxer shorts with rubbing alcohol and lit them on fire with a lighter. Thankfully, the poor guy was able to shimmy them off quickly and suffered only minor burns. Really kind of makes you appreciate that quote-unquote "terrible" landlord of your own, eh?

· Boynton landlord sets man on fire over late rent, police say [WPTV via The Real Deal]