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Watch's Homage to Apple's Iconic 1984 Commercial

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In honor of Independence Day, has just released a new promo entitled "Take Back the Dream," which is meant to challenge the notion that a mandatory part of the American dream is homebuying (as opposed to renting). Modeled after Apple's iconic commercial that aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII in 1984—in which this thing called the Macintosh computer was first presented to the world—'s video involves a guy running down an Anytown, America, street past stoic-faced dummies who shout menacing things like "You need to grow up and settle down" and "You need to buy a bigger house." In the background, a Big Brother-like drone prattles on about progress, prosperity, and influence with an Eisenhower-like rhetoric. Eventually, a glassy house shatters. Watch both videos after the jump—be sure to look out for the R. Kelly lookalike at :39 of the spot.

Video: Take Back the Dream (

Video: Apple's 1984 Macintosh Commercial

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