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Come, Let's Take a Tour of an Insane $123M Mega Mansion

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Updown Court, a Neoclassical beacon of insanity located 25 miles outside London, has just been price chopped to a new all-time low: $123M. Built in 1924, rescued from fire damage by Arizona architect John Scholz, and first listed for $143.5M six years ago, Updown Court boasts 103 rooms, five swimming pools, an eight-limousine garage, a $6M marble heated driveway, a staircase modeled after the one in the late Gianni Versace's mansion in Miami, a two-lane bowling alley, a 50-seat home theater, and, of course, a panic room. Let's take a video tour through this enclave of earthly delights, shall we?

UPDATE: Commenter @Fortran asked for some floorplan porn. We dug them up and delivered them to the photogallery above.

Video: Updown Court

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