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Five Estates with Tennis Courts Bring the Country Club Home

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Tennis, the sport that has become the duel of the country club set, comes into its own in the summer. The warm weather lends itself to lazily trading groundstrokes, even while the pros perspire for pay on television, but that lackadaisical lifestyle is difficult to achieve when there's not a convenient court. In the spirt of a lazy summer, we've gathered five impressive estates with private courts. Just be sure to bring a friend. First up is Aspen, Colo., a town more famous for its winter attractions. This 6,300-square-foot, $9.95M house is equipped for all seasons and even includes a downtown parking spot to ease the commute.

? It's unlikely anyone would be willing to play a casual game of tennis during the summer in Scottsdale, Ariz., where average highs hover around 103°F. So, when the owner custom-built this 27,000-square-foot spread, the tennis court was set inside an airconditioned bubble. There must not be that many tennis players looking for $14M houses in Scottsdale, because the listing suggests converting "the indoor tennis court into a 80+ car museum, basketball court or a private auditorium."

? The game of tennis is believed to have originated in 12th-century France, so it's appropriate that this sprawling French-style estate outside of Chicago boasts a court set amidst old-growth trees. The rest of the $7.9M property is nothing to sweat in though; it looks more like a museum than a private home with all that frilly French finery.

? A spirited game of tennis doesn't have to wait for summer in sunny Miami, Fla., so this grand 14,500-square-foot Mediterranean manse has enough other amenities to ensure you don't burn out on racquet sports. Set on the Intracoastal Waterway, the eight-bedroom mansion features a billiard room, a gym, and a swimming pool with cabanas, plus a dock for a myriad of possible watersports, for $12.5M.
? This Hamptons estate in Water Mill, N.Y. might be taking some of its tennis court inspiration from the nearby home of retired pro John McEnroe: the high hedges disguising the tennis court are certainly similar. With a desirable waterfront location, this $25M compound probably has the upper hand on price. And space for that matter, considering the front yard could serve up a couple of grass courts.

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