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Inside the Tripped-Out World of AOL's New Palo Alto Digs

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Today Co.Design publishes a terrific piece on the newly revamped Palo Alto, Calif., offices of AOL. Yes, this would be the very same AOL that just unveiled its bonkers "Rainbow City" art installation-type balloon-world thing-y on the High Line in NYC—so no surprises that its professional environment would be equally unconventional. It's an open-floorplan space, but milking employees' need for privacy, design firm Studio O + A created—what else?!—a bunch of fiberglass pods. There's also a "Town Hall" that's “part kitchen, part play space, part kick-back area... [and] all-hands common area,” as well as (of course) a game room. (We actually think it's against Silicon Valley building codes for all Web companies to not have a game room.) Click over for all the photos.

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