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Here's the Other Elizabeth Taylor Property On the Market

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Our cousins over at Curbed DC have dug up listing info and photos of the Middleburg, Va., property where Elizabeth Taylor lived with her then-husband, Virginia Senator John Warner, in the '70s. As one can clearly see, it's a complete 180 from her Bel Air, Calif., estate that's also on the market—an English-style stone manor main house with three bedrooms don't exactly scream silver screen glamour. Then again, Taylor didn't actually live in the house shown above—hers was torn down and this one was built in 1990 by the guy she transferred the deed to. Called Brigadoon Farm, the property (which also includes a barn, silo, and outhouses) is asking $10.25M. As for the interior, it's not exactly Arch Digest worthy, but it is worth a look. Click cover to Curbed DC for the full photogallery.

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