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Stilted House Made of Telephone Poles May Land Owner in Jail

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In no particular order, here's what a guy named Alan Kemble Fahey included in the construction of his 20,000-square-foot house in Antelope Valley, Calif.: metal doors from Danny Devito ("he wanted them off his lawn"), more than 70,000 pounds of steel "I" beams, one of the yurts from The Scorpion King, and 108 unused telephone/utility poles tied together with beams. So it's really not a huge A-bomb of a shocker that the whole complex, called Phonehenge West, has just been found guilty of violating some fairly major building codes. Fahey's facing 14 counts, five of which are still being deliberated today. He will almost certainly be ordered to tear down the structure and may also face jail time. "It's what I expected," he said. "But I can appeal."
Video: The Creation of Phonehenge

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