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Post-Modernist Opera Director Doesn't List Dramatic Megamansion

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Curbed LA happened upon this spectacular modern mansion last night, and while the sheer scale of the place is impressive, perhaps more intriguing than the architecture is the identity of the owner. David Alden, a post-modernist opera director, built the sprawling 13,000-square-foot pad in Beverly Hills in 1999. The dramatic architecture of the place suits someone of his profession—with projecting rooflines, cavernous atria, and a prolific use of glass—but, like one Curbed LA commenter, we can't help but wonder how, in these tough times for opera, a director can afford a $25M spread. UPDATE: Well, it turns out he can't. Opera blog Parterre Box inquired with Alden's manager, who says the director has been living in London and doesn't own a home in Beverly Hills. Too bad, considering how appropriate this place seemed.
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