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Watch an Insane Light Show Distort a Beaux-Arts Building

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Lyon, or so we hear, is one of those magical places where things are just better. Cheese is stinkier, bread is softer, meats are gamier. Which is why it was the perfect place, aesthetically speaking, to transform a classical, elegant Beaux-Arts building into a fascinating, phenomenal light show. How it went down: Paris-based architecture firm 1024 Architecture created a geeky math principle that transformed sounds emanating from an awestruck audience into different visuals, which projected onto the building's facade and thus (seemingly) transformed it. All in all, "Perspective Lyrique" aimed to create "interaction between body, space, sound, visual, low-tech and hi-tech, art and architecture.” Must. Watch. Now.

Video: Perspective Lyrique

PERSPECTIVE LYRIQUE from 1024 on Vimeo.

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