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Elizabeth Taylor's Bel-Air Estate Sold to Real Estate Investor

Not two months after the famed Bel-Air, Calif., property hit the market, the estate belonging to the late Elizabeth Taylor has been scooped up by real estate investor Mark Barron. Barron, inventor of the S-1 Gard Dangerzone Deflector—some contraption that goes on the front of transit buses—owns a few houses and an assisted-living home in town, as well as a sober-living facility in Lake Sherwood, Calif. No word yet whether Barrron paid the $8.6M ask or what he plans to do with the house where the violet-eyed actress spent her last days. Thankfully, Arch Digest has already immortalized it.

UPDATE: The Real Estalker was mistaken; the new owner is not Barron but rather businessman Rocky Malhotra.

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