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Two Barely Clad Babes Used to Sell Gaudy California Estate

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What is it about selling a house that makes kindly, earnest folk resort to the most lascivious tactics? In Australia, a couple of boyish brokers called upon good old-fashioned girl-on-girl action in attempts to sell off a swank waterfront manse; in Woodland Hills, Calif., the listing photos for the 8,100-square-foot Venetian-inspired Winnetka Palace depict similarly inspired styling. You may recall this place from a roundup of bad listing photos that we ran a couple of weeks ago, but in truth the eight-bedroom, nine-bath property deserves its own dedicated programming. On the market for $2.375M, "The Palace," as the place is casually called, features Venetian plaster walls, Versace wall paneling, gold crown moldings, mirrored ceilings, gilded sconces shaped like lion heads, glittery chandeliers, intricately carved doors, marble floors, and other such subtle details that complement, if not accentuate, the pretty ladies lounging gracefully in the boudoir. The broker babble best sums it up: "Words and pictures understate and cannot describe the extravagant and grandiose scale of this home. Entering this awe inspiring PALACE will immediately leave you overwhelmed and immerse you in a state of momentous ultra luxury!" We get it, we get it: sex sells! Or does it? Winnetka Palace has been listed on Redfin for nearly 300 days.

Video: Winnetka Palace

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