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B.Y.O. House: Five Plots with Potential in Need of New Owners

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Here at Curbed, we get so hung up on houses that sometimes we forget to consider listings for vacant land. Well no longer. Here are five of the best private plots of land on the market today, just in need of a buyer with the willingness—and extra cash—to build from scratch. First up is this verdant Wyoming acreage, located north of Jackson Hole in the Bar-B-Bar Ranch development. Offered at $15M, the property includes rolling grassland, forests, streams, and breathtaking views of the Tetons.

? Indian Creek, the island in Miami Beach, Fla., is home to some spectacularly expensive real estate, like a $60M spec house, so when the island's last homesite is for sale you can expect it to ask a pretty penny. This 1.8-acre site doesn't disappoint on that front, with a $14.9M asking price. Included are a few palm trees, some sand, and a newly constructed dock capable of simultaneously docking three, 140-foot yachts.

? Up the Florida coast, in the tony enclave of Palm Beach, a premier homesite on the extreme northern tip of the island up for sale. Well, to be fair, the 1.86-acre site already has a house, but the listing literature says nothing about it, so we have to assume it is too far gone to rehabilitate. Thanks to just one neighbor, a beachfront location, and the Palm Beach inlet to the north, the plot enjoys broader water views than most, though perhaps not broad enough to justify a $28.9M price tag.

? For something less ritzy and more woodsy, head to Otis, Mass., in the Berkshires, where this massive parcel—assembled for logging purposes—is now for sale for $2.5M. Measuring roughly 906 acres, the huge swath of New England forest will need some improvements, like running water and electricity, before a house could be constructed, but there are plenty of maintained dirt roads to access the property and a couple of pristine ponds that would make for excellent views.

? Lastly, in the desert north of Scottsdale, Ariz., a relatively small property is for sale for an eye-popping price. The 117 acres of apparently barren hills is for sale for $43M. Why the steep ask? Because the land is known to contain 30,000 tons of gold ore, and could have as many as 200,000 tons according to estimates. Comprising six mining claims and a warren of underground passageways, this might not be an ideal home site, unless the next owner hits the mother lode while digging a basement.
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