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Guy Fills Basement "Vault" With Thousands of Vintage Beer Cans

A man named Bill Deluca exhibits a semi-moderate interest in the wonderful world of beer cans; he's been collecting them for 30 years and is particularly fond of ones manufactured between 1935 and the mid-'60s. In fact, he's such an enthusiast that he appears to have dedicated his entire basement—termed the "vault"—to the pursuit of his collection. Arranged on floor-to-ceiling shelves, the cans are adequately shown off: "All cans are displayed for easy viewing. Lighting is bright so each can may be appreciated," he writes on his website, Beer Can World, adding, "All cans are stored safely in a climate controlled environment. I carefully watch both temperature and moisture." It's only a matter of time before the Smithsonian comes around looking for its next conservator.

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