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Scandinavian Summer: Five Cool Flats in a 12th-Century City

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Capital of the Scandinavian nation of Denmark, Copenhagen was founded way back in 1167, but the city has really come into its own since the turn of the millenium, thanks to recent cultural improvements such as the $500M Copenhagen Opera House and restaurants like Noma, widely considered the best in the world. All this positive change has brought some seriously high prices—Copenhagen was named the 10th most expensive city in the world in 2010—but also some discerning, stylish residents. The latter shows in the Copenhagen property market, where apartments mix 19th-century architecture with modern furnishings and a touch of minimalism. This $1.43M, six-room apartment on the Nyhavn (above) is a case in point, plus it boasts views of the multi-hued manses across the canal. Quaint and cool in one neat little package.

? This $1.2M, 1,900-square-foot flat might not have those canal views, but it is located on the Danish capital's most fashionable thoroughfare, Broad Street. While the stone exterior of the 1880s building hints at a staid formality, the interiors are bright and airy, thanks to large windows, modern furnishings, and polished hardwood floors.

? Copenhagen house hunters searching for a little outdoor space would be well served to check out this townhouse in Old Copenhagen with a spacious courtyard done up in a cheery shade of orange. Inside, things are a bit jumbled, with TVs resting on half-walls, a modern kitchen shoehorned into a small space, and some unsightly finishes, but, for $500K, renovating may prove worthwhile.

? Located in a more modern building built in the 1970s, this $393K, 730-square-foot apartment is a bit small, but the space is used economically, providing for a spacious kitchen, full shower, and a walk-in closet. The bedroom is narrow, but there's also an petite outdoor space to take in those long Scandinavian summer days.

? This last place is an 1,100-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath apartment in a renovated building that was originally constructed in 1913. The price is not listed, but the property bears mention for its well-maintained courtyard with plenty of distractions for the kids, including an astroturfed jungle gym area and picnic tables all neatly contained by the building.
· Nyhavn [DanBolig]
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· Boldhusgade 4 [DanBolig]
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