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One of the Many Grand Mansions Standard Oil Money Built

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Location: Thomasville, Ga.
Price: $12,900,000
The Skinny: John F. Archbold, whose father had been vice president of the wildly successful petroleum conglomerate Standard Oil, built this 18,000-square-foot Georgia plantation house in 1910 as a "winter retreat where he could focus on writing and painting." Ah, to be a rich "philanthropist." Anyway, the massive manse features intricate wood carvings, many fireplaces, and plenty of original detail, while the grounds contain some of the best preserved hardwood forests in the Southeast and notable quail and buck hunting opportunities. A previous owner, the late German cartoonist Rolf Kauka, landed the largest buck in the state one year. Now his wife is selling the magnificent property for $12.9M.
· Chinquapin Plantation [Sotheby's]