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Come Take a Tour Through Funnyman Hank Azaria's Estate

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Photos: Roger Davies/Arch Digest

This month, Architectural Digest visits the Bel Air, Calif., estate of Hank Azaria, the comedian best known for his chameleon-like voice acting on The Simpsons. The 8,500-square-foot house, built in 1932, is described in the story as "somehow both modest and major," with interior design by guy-of-the-moment Trip Haensich. (You'll recall Haenisch from his work on the Malibu retreat of home editor Courteney Cox, which just landed him on the cover of Elle Decor.) For Azaria, Haenisch implemented his signature old-meets-new aesthetic—"The house was a bit slick. We decided we had to organic it up, he told Arch Digest, adding, "“They went from floors you had to tiptoe on to floors you can beat up, which just looks more charming.” In any event, this sure bets that cartoonish Simpsons replica house that once existed outside Vegas. View a half-dozen of the photos above; click over for the the full gallery.

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