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Selections From Some of the World's Most Expensive Cities

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Yesterday, we took a look at some of the most expensive real estate in America's cheapest town, Harlingen, Texas. Today, we're doing quite the opposite: picking five homes from the latest list of the world's most expensive cities by cost of living. According to a 2011 report by the consulting firm Mercer, Luanda, Angola takes the top spot, probably due to short supplies of safe drinking water and the expense of importing food and necessities. Well that was a bit too much of a downer, so we're starting instead with #2, Tokyo, where this four-bedroom apartment overlooking the Imperial Palace is asking $12M.

? Coming in at #3 is another African city, N'Djamena, Chad, where expenses are high due to civil strife and an influx of refugees, hardly the place we'd want to suggest investing in property. Instead, let's move on to #4, Moscow. The Russian capital, with its oligarch-fueled economy, has some inflated property values to go with the high cost of living. This gaudy six-room apartment measures 2,700 square feet and is asking $4.5M. At least the trumped-up building name, Triumph Palace, fits the price tag.

? One of the places where the rich run to stash their money, Geneva, Switzerland, is, unsurprisingly, also one of the easiest places to part with the cash. The Swiss city comes in at #5 on the list and the price of this townhouse suggests the property market is pricey, too. An odd layout, just three bedrooms, and surprisingly low ceilings make the $7.2M asking price all the more shocking. And don't get any ideas about knocking it down: this 1783 house is here to stay.

? Jumping down the list to #10, Sao Paolo, Brazil, doesn't result in much of a savings, but the property options are pretty spectacular. This 8,750-square-foot penthouse boasts six bedrooms, three balconies, a rooftop patio, and a swimming pool, all with breathtaking views. The price for this sky-high paradise is $12.7M.

? By #15, impressive properties are priced under $1M. In Oslo, Norway, this two-bedroom waterfront condo comes in at $883K and manages to pack a garage, dock, and large balcony into that price tag. If there's a catch, it's just that this place is located some six miles from the city center.

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