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Watch a Sneak Peek of HGTV's New Home by Novogratz

Tomorrow, at long last, Novogratz fans will get finally get their sexy summertime fix: HGTV's new Home by Novogratz premieres at 10 p.m. EST. Each show will follow notoriously funky designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz as they help lost souls with grim-looking living spaces completely redo their homes. In the pilot, the duo is tasked with transforming a dated house in Far Rockaway, Queens, into something that resembles a "Montauk surf lodge," with "bohemian surf chic" furnishings inspired by the owners' love of bright colors, pop art, and Betsey Johnson (who makes a cameo), all on a budget of $40K. We caught a preview of the first episode, and here's the deal: since it's only a half-hour long, Home by Novogratz seems blessedly no-muss, no-fuss: one follows the projects from beginning to end, personal drama is kept to a minimum, and service-y "design tips," while present, take a back seat to the catchy, colorful renovating/decorating shots happening on screen. Let's watch some clips, shall we? And then head over to our sister site Curbed DC—today they run an interview with Robert, who's originally from the DC area.

Video: The Plan for the House:

Video: Cortney Explains the Flooring:

Video: Street Artist Matt Siren Does the Bedroom:

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