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Feel Free to Bet the Farm At This Massive Montana Ranch

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Location: Augusta, Montana
Price: $12,700,000
The Skinny: The former CEO of troubled radio giant Citadel Broadcasting, Larry Wilson, has decided to sell off his 3,000-acre Montana ranch, asking $12.7M. After he sold Citadel in its prime in 2001—the company entered bankruptcy in '09—Wilson gambled again in radio, buying up a couple stations on his own. Perhaps he's selling this gorgeous property to help fund his new ventures or simply because he has too many ranches—he's said to own several more in Montana—but another explanation might be the fully stocked poker table featured in the listing photos. Did Wilson lose the deed in a (very rich) gentleman's game? It seems we'll never know. Either way, the next owner will be taking over a breathtaking estate that combines dazzling mountain views with varied terrain and a decked-out, 7,325-square-foot main house.
· Sun River Ranch [Hall and Hall]