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Guy Pays $16 For a Swank Foreclosed House Worth $300K

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Flower Mound, Texas, that of the divorcee-filled home with musical toilets, is now home to a guy who paid $16 for a fancy-looking house worth an estimated $300K. After spending months researching the state's "adverse possession" law—referring "to the circumstances under which one may lawfully lay claim to ownership of property not originally one’s own"—Kenneth Robinson filled out some forms, handed over $16 at the local courthouse, and now holds rights to the abandoned, furniture-less house. He doesn't technically hold the title yet, but if he stays for three years he can appeal for it, and he may have to swallow the original owner's mortgage debt. But nothing's getting this guy down! "At this point, because I possess it, I am the owner," Robinson explained to the local news. Meanwhile, one neighbor has this to say: "If he wants the house, buy the house like everyone else had to. Get the money, buy the house."

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