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Steamy, Sweaty Stays in America's Hottest Cities of the Summer

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The city of Savannah, Ga. has had one hell of a hot start to summer. From May 20 to July 14, there wasn't a single day that temps managed to stay below 90°. With an ominous sounding "heat bubble" on the way from the scorched Plains, things don't look to be letting up for the genteel southern city. Have you spent too long in Antarctica this summer? Been hanging out in the local meat locker? Then you might be interested in a rental in this sweaty burg, otherwise, at least it should be clear why this is called "Rent, Don't Buy."

The owners of this Savannah bungalow (above) are renting out a room to intrepid summer visitors for $60 per night. All in all, the place is well-kept, if simple, and boasts a relaxing backyard. Pity the temps only dip below 80° in the dead of night.

? It shouldn't come as a surprise that Joshua Tree, Calif. earns a spot on this list. What should is that it's actually the coolest place to make the round-up, with a high temperature tomorrow of 96°. This rustic cottage in the desert is listed with a bold-faced update: " Our cabin is now equipped with a state-of-the-art air conditioning!" Good thing, because guests are going to have to spend much of the time inside to escape the crushing heat. No A/C, even at just $89 per night, would be a deal breaker.

? The desert city of Tuscon, Ariz. is quite accustomed to heat and this adobe studio benefits from the cooling effects of traditional construction. Largely devoid of the typical garish textiles, this escape soothes with a minimalist interior design and, hooray!, a pool in the backyard. Not bad for $70 per night.

? From the desert city to the steamy Second City, where this photographer's studio is on the rental market, ready for photo shoots or overnight stays. The price is steep, at $724 per night, but the 2,400-square-foot space offers plenty to get excited about. Not least of which is an expansive, furnished roof deck with glorious views of the Chicago skyline, perfect for enjoying the outdoors during the tolerable hours of the day. Daytime highs in Chicago on Thursday are set to hit 98°.

? The lofty feel of this Indianapolis, Ind. apartment should keep renters from feeling too claustrophobic during the ongoing heat wave. Temperatures will peak tomorrow around 99° thanks to a high pressure system working its way up from the Southeast. If guests feel like venturing out in that sort of heat, at least this place is nestled in the heart of downtown, with easy access to the city's cultural attractions. Plus, the price is lower than the ambient temp, just $95 per night.

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