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Inside a Grand Full-Floor Condo in the Original Playboy Mansion

That sound you hear? Just the plunkety-plunk of a grandiose full-floor condo in the original Playboy Mansion coming back to market. Set on Chicago's Gold Coast, the 7,874-square-foot four-bedroom apartment (whose 20-foot-tall living room once served as a ballroom) was scooped up for $2.1M in 1994 by a wealthy philanthropist, who's clearly trying to become wealthier: he's listed the place for $6.7M. A bit of history: Hugh Hefner bought the 70-room brick-and-limestone building in 1959 and used it as his Chicago home base during the '70s, when he jet set back and forth to the famed L.A. estate. Hef donated it to the Art Institute in 1989, it was eventually sold to a developer who converted it to condos, and the rest is history. Click over to view the rest of the palatial photos over on Curbed Chicago.
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