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The Curious Case of Wilbur Sardo the Pig and a Crotchety HOA

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There's a muddy controversy brewing in the Thicket at Cypress subdivision in Spring, Texas, where an even-toed ungulate named Wilbur Sardo is going up against a naysayer HOA who promised Wilbur's owner, Missy, that she can keep the pig if she gets at least 51 percent of her neighbors to vote in her favor. Nonetheless, over the weekend Missy received a letter from the neighborhood's board of directors maintaining that the “initial decision [to banish the pig] will stand” in accordance with deed restrictions against “any wild, semi-wild, or semi-domesticated" household pet. No word yet who will win the battle, but at the moment Wilbur has more than 3,400 Facebook friends.
The video:

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