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Scrumptious Southern Estates Set in the New Eater Outposts

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Today, Eater launched a host of new city sites—in Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston—to serve Southern foodies, while also adding a new Charleston, S.C.-based contributor. With all the buzz about the "Southern Swing" today, we thought we'd take a look at what each of the local real estate markets had to offer. It turns out they had plenty in the way of luxe properties. Just take a look at this slick mansion in Atlanta. From the exterior it might look like a historic estate, but this place was built in 2001. That imposing brick facade and tasteful, if extravagant, interiors are listed for $12.5M. Chew on that!

? The Texans know how to build a megamansion too, like this Italianate number in the Shadyside neighborhood of Houston. This particular manse is older than the Atlanta spread, much older. It was built in 1926 and the historic details that come with such a birthday have been well-kept since then. The dining room is, fittingly for our purposes, one of the few rooms staged for the sale. Otherwise, this $8.5M five bedroom awaits a new buyer vacant.

? If things have been a little too staid for your tastes so far, Dallas has you covered, or at least this 14,700-square-foot estate does. Currently asking $12.5M, the mansion has interiors that look like a circus clown's idea of luxury. Despite the checker patterns and garish colors, it'd be hard for an epicurean to turn down that professional kitchen.

? Let's get back on the road to something more subdued, like this stately home in Charleston. Originally constructed in 1762 as two tenement buildings, the property was later converted into a single-family home. With 6,000 square feet and a large backyard pool for cooling off, this colonial seems like a deal for $4M.

? Eater Austin has been going strong since last fall, but we can't go leaving the Texan capital out of this roundup, given the city's stock of crazy-cool luxury residences. This stone post-modern example, on the market for $6.2M, might be centered up the hill from Lake Austin, but a steel suspension bridge and lakefront cottage ensure some of Austin's most memorable lakeside entertaining.
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