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Watch Home Appliances Help a Guy Get Ready For a Date

Ericsson has just released a video that details, in creeptastic full, what life would look like if home appliances were part of one's social networking strategy. Imagine registering Facebook-like statuses with "Home" via a complex personal network and having "Home" react to said statuses the way, say, a person would. In the promo, a young guy leaving work tells "Home" that he's about to go on date with a woman named Sophia. "Home"—and its many gadgets, appliances, and gizmos—jumps into action, getting dinner ready, vacuuming the carpet, turning the microwave off. (You really can't make this stuff up.) When Sophia stands our handsome protagonist up, he gives "Home" the bad news. "Home," in turn, comes up with a contingency plan, turning off the stove, turning on the microwave, and setting the TV to record a sports game. File under: mind blown. Just watch.
Video: The Social Web of Things

· The Social Web of Things [YouTube via Co.Design]