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Gawk at Canada's Most Expensive House, A $42M Teardown

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We were a little miffed when the listing for this Vancouver estate failed to include any photos of the house, just landscape shots, views, and one pic of a rather sad looking tennis court. Then we figured out what those Canadians were up to. This massively expensive, 5.44-acre hillside spread is intended as a teardown. For the full $42M asking price, a 49,000-square-foot, three-building compound will be constructed on the site, complete with 15 car garage, 2,000-bottle wine cellar with dedicated elevator, two infinity pools, and a 16-seat movie theater. The land alone is going for $26.4M, which, while still absurd, is at least less than billionaire hedge funder David "I keep $100M in my checking account" Tepper paid for his $43.5M teardown in the Hamptons.
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