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Prime Jackson Hole Ranch For Sale at a Mind-Blowing $175M

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This collection of photos might not look like much, save for the dazzling views of the Tetons, but the ranch they're attempting to market is a doozy. Known as Jackson Land and Cattle, the ranch is owned by casino mogul Richard Fields, but not for long. Fields, who controls the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and Boston's Suffolk Downs, is now looking to sell the 1,750-acre ranch in the heart of Jackson Hole, Wy. for a heart-stopping price: $175M. That price tag makes the ranch the most expensive on the market today and comes out to exactly $100K per acre. Considering the Jackson cache and the astonishing equestrian facilities offered by this ranch, somehow, some way, in the alternate universe of the wildly wealthy, that price seems reasonable. There's a massive 52-stall barn designed by Jonathan Foote, several houses, ponds, creeks, hills, and meadows, all just three minutes from downtown Jackson. Pity they didn't bother to take decent photos.
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