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Validation for Ultra-Minimalist Living Courtesy of PS1 Curator

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Photos: Dean Kaufman/W

This one might come out of the past—the January 2009 issue of W to be exact—but it looks like it's arrived from another world. No, this isn't a vacant apartment that's a little short on staging, it is the New York home of MoMA PS1 curator Klaus Biesenbach. The German-born contemporary art expert has an impeccable eye for the next best thing, but he doesn't choose to display any artwork around his Lower East Side one bedroom. In fact, there's not much here at all. There's no sofa in the living room and the kitchen consists of sink and mini-fridge. The only seating in the entire apartment are six dining chairs spread throughout the space. And oh, he spends most nights sleeping on the outdoor mattress on the terrace—which sounds pretty fantastic. This sort of hyper-minimalism isn't new for Biesenbach. W explained that the curator once stripped his Mexico City hotel room of the telephone, TV remote, even the curtains, keeping them stacked neatly in the closet until he departed.
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