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Brit Bordello-Style Boudoir Fit for Filming, But Not for Living

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The British location scout company 1st Option has plenty of odd-looking spaces available for film production—including one dubbed "The Asylum"—but none quite so quirky as this sensual apartment that received the "Cool or Fool" treatment from Home Bunch today. There's a lot to gawk at in this small space, including gold tiled walls, amorphous magenta rugs, and a black leather swing. Then, surprise surprise, the color cuts out in the kitchen, which is remarkably sleek next to the bombastic bohemian decor in the living room. Click over to Home Bunch to see more pictures of this place and decide for yourself if anyone actually lives here. Don't miss the bathtub in the bedroom!
· Cool or Fool: Sensual Decor [Home Bunch]