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New England Family Compounds Fit For Kennedy-Style Clans

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With the famous Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Mass. on the brink of dissolving, it's time for a new political dynasty to take over a New England compound. Don't worry, this isn't just a liberal thing, former President George H.W. Bush still maintains the Maine peninsula estate purchased by his family more than 110 years ago. And it's also not exclusively for the fabulously wealthy—even if mounting a campaign seems to be. Just take this rural New Hampshire estate, with classic Gambrel architecture, fifteen bedrooms to house the whole family (and plenty of aides), and 25 acres of privacy. The Springfield, N.H. spread was set to be auctioned to the highest bidder in May, but remains on the market with an asking price of just $399K. That should leave plenty left over for the campaign.

? Not all potential presidential compounds can be so thrifty. This 2.5-acre waterfront estate in Southeast Harbor, Maine might not look like much—there are a few architecturally uninspiring structures on the property—but the location and docks put the price way up at $4.5M. At least the easy access to the wealthy donors who summer on Mount Desert Island would help to offset the investment.

? Things get even spendier further south, like in Provincetown, Mass., near the tip of Cape Cod, where this petite beachfront plot is asking $7.4M. Previously operated as an inn, the seven buildings on the 0.46-acre property manage to squeeze in 26 bedrooms and a private wharf.

? The seaside community of Watch Hill, R.I. is a fitting place for preppy politicos and this historic estate has enough space to host grand fundraising galas. A 20-room mansion in these parts doesn't come cheap. No different here, the three-acre estate is asking $9.9M.

? Connecticut offers up the priciest, and most appropriate, compound. This waterfront estate of more than six acres requires no tweaking to become a generational family residence. There're seven separate buildings, 22 total bedrooms, a stone pier, rolling lawns, and mature trees, all included in the $14.75M asking price.
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