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"Royal Decorator" Kenneth Bordewick Says He's Not a Sham

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If you haven't been following this who's-actually-the-royal-decorator business, here's a brief synopsis: in March, a Beverly Hills-based fellow by the name of Kenneth Bordewick gave Radar an exclusive interview in which he spoke openly about his latest project: designing for the yet-unmarried Prince William and Kate Middleton. A few weeks later, Prince William's press secretary called Bordewick a sham, maintaining that the decorator has certainly has not been hired to do Clarence House, where the new-newlyweds will move in 2013. And just last week, Kelly Hoppen was unveiled as the couple's interior designer. Now, Bordewick's reps send a release explaining that Bordewick never talked to Radar at all and thanks to his "existing relationship with the British royal family"—he has worked with Prince Charles—"many inaccurate claims and suggestions have been made with regards to future design projects." We've reached out to Radar for a comment; in the mean time find the statement below.

To members of the press, Luxury Interior Designer Kenneth Bordewick cannot, at this time, confirm nor deny a request by the British Royal family to design a private residence for members of the family. Kenneth Bordewick and his firm, Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors, has never given an interview to Radar Online, therefore any claims made concerning Mr. Bordewick’s design relationship with the British Royal Family and St.James Palace are completely false. Mr. Bordewick has an existing relationship with the British royal family as a result of his family’s personal ties. As consequence, many inaccurate claims and suggestions have been made with regards to future design projects.

Mr. Bordewick, who has been designing luxury estates for royal families around the world, is currently under contract with several high-budget projects overseas including private residences for members of the Royal family of the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Bordewick has recently acquired the largest private commission for a residential project in the United Arab Emirates—a 300,000 square foot home with a design budget of $1 billion dollars. This project is currently underway.

Kenneth Bordewick, of Italian Nobility, is based in Beverly Hills, California and has been designing the interiors of some of the world's most opulent homes for the past 20 years. He maintains a very low profile in consideration of his clients, who request absolute respect of their privacy. When not in his Beverly Hills office or traveling abroad for his clients, Mr. Bordewick divides his time between his residences in Tuscany, Cannes, Ontario, Park City and Palm Springs, California.

For additional information about Mr. Bordewick or his company, Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors, please contact his press office.

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