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Walt Disney's 1932 Los Feliz Estate Hits the Market at $3.65M

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Walt Disney, the mastermind behind the Mickey Mouse phenomenon and father of the Disney empire, built this house for himself in 1932, after a series of successful short films starring the outsized rodent. The 12-room mansion was built for $50K and completed in a little over two months, quite the upgrade from the $8,000 kit homes Walt and his brother Roy had built just four years earlier. Despite the short construction time, old-world detailing dominates the interiors, with leaded glass windows, beamed and vaulted ceilings, and original hardwood floors. Rare for the era, but unsurprising in Walt Disney's house, is a projection room, where rough cuts of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves were likely screened.
· The House That Mickey Built: Walt Disney's Estate in Los Feliz [Curbed LA]