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The MacKenzie-Childs Temple of Insanity Seeks Willing Buyer

Bordering the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail in upstate New York's idyllic Finger Lakes region, the 42-acre estate belonging to Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs boasts a seven-bedroom, 4,280-square-foot main house (built in 1790) and 2,300-square-foot carriage house. The couple, founders of the very famous, very recognizable eponymous home decor/pottery/majolica/tile/furniture company, has lived here since the '80s and spent years putting their special magic touches on each room. (Evidentiary proof in the photogallery above.) While they were forced to sell MacKenzie-Childs in 2000 due to bankruptcy, their original hand-done art and pottery is scattered about the houses and can be negotiated into the sale. The MacKenzie-Childs are currently asking $1.1M for their estate, a figure that apparently includes a boat ride: according to the Sotheby's brokerbabble, "The fortunate patron who procures the homestead receives a personal invitation to tour and dine together with Victoria and Richard on their historic ship, Yankee, docked on the bejeweled skyline of New York City harbor and mouth of the mighty Hudson!" Sweet, sounds fun!

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