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Five Architecturally Interesting Rentals To Break The Monotony

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Usually when we take a look around the rental market, we find it awash in "white boxes" with little architectural appeal. Luckily, with a little digging, one can find some truly fantastic works of architecture for lease. Just in time for the celebration of his would-be 100th birthday, John Lautner's Schwimmer Residence is on the market for $35K per month. A stratospheric monthly tariff to be sure, but the compound has more to offer than just it's architecture street-cred: four acres in Beverly Hills, five bedrooms, five baths, and dramatic city and ocean views.

? Built in 1996 by architect Gerald Horn, this concrete and steel house in Manhattan Beach, Calif. was constructed to maximize the sea views from this lot, some two blocks inland from the ocean. Though it recently leased, the house has an estimated rent of $10K per month, which includes two bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a den, and a landscaped courtyard.

? Designed by Rudolph Schindler in the 1930s, this hilltop house has a more lighthearted attitude than the last one, thanks to the stark white interiors from a recent renovation. The Hollywood Hills home boasts clean lines on the inside and some maximalist landscaping outside. This one is intended for short-term lease only, at $550 per day, so $16.5K per month should satisfy the owner for longer stays.

? Is a house too much trouble? How about a condo with a slick interior renovation, courtesy of architect Tony Pleskow? This Santa Monica, Calif. condo is just that, plus it's been furnished with designs from midcentury icons like Eames and Noguchi. Ocean views push the monthly cost of this apartment to $7,800.

? Over on the East Coast, Richard Meier's iconic NYC residential towers in the West Village offer up a glassy alternative to run-of-the-mill rentals, but they cost a pretty penny as well. This particular unit, which measures just 1,800 square feet, runs $19.5K per month. At least the renter won't have to worry about the late night noise from a neighborhood synagogue, like residents at Meier's On Prospect Park.

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