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A Rustic Italian Kitchen for a Flashy Seaside Estate in Maine

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Location: Rockport, Maine
Price: $5,450,000
The Skinny: Though it's set on a quintessential Maine harbor, this waterfront estate goes much further afield for its interior design inspiration. The kitchen and dining room have a decidedly rustic European feel, with exposed wooden beams, limestone floors, candelabras, and rough-hewn wooden bowls. It all works remarkably well, even though it might not matter. This four-bedroom house enjoys such a prime plot in Rockport, Maine that the interiors could be rotten and buyers would still be interested. Just look at the views from the porch and that deep water dock! Now, whether those buyers are interested in forking over $5.45M for the property is another matter entirely.
· 19 Sea Street [Landvest]