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World's Thinnest House, Yet Unbuilt, Will Be 28.3 Inches Wide

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Take that, houses we thought were skinny but actually are not! There's a new guy in town, and his name is Keret House, designed smack in the center of Warsaw, Poland, by architecture/design firm Centrala. Set to be constructed in the crack between two buildings, Keret House will measure four feet at its widest point and 28.3 inches at its thinnest, making it the skinniest in the world. (Skinnier, even, than the famous one-meter-wide house in Brazil.) The structure, with plywood-covered steel and insulation panels finished with white concrete cloth, will serve as a workplace for Israeli writer Etgar Keret and a studio for the invited intelligentsia. Inside, stairs will flatten and transition again to normal treads and risers by way of a remote control, and "boat-inspired water and sewage technology" will channel electricity from the adjacent buildings. Fun fact: a coach seat on JetBlue's Airbus A320 measures 17.8 inches wide—just sayin'.

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