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Buy Entire Town of Scenic, South Dakota For Less Than $1M

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In NYC, $799K will barely buy you two bedrooms. In South Dakota, the sum will buy you an entire town—and a cutely named one, at that. Scenic, S.D. is officially up for grabs by Twila Merril, the woman who currently owns most of it and is hoping someone will come rescue it from desolation. Once a somewhat thriving railroad depot, Scenic saw businesses shutter and families move away during the Great Depression and never quite recovered. And despite the fact that only 700 cars pass through Scenic on any given day, Merril and her daughter, LeeAnn Keester, still believe there's potential.

Included in the ask (which started at $3M two years ago and has since been chopped to "how it should be," says broker David Olsen) are the following: 46 acres (12 in town and 34 surrounding it), a U.S. Post Office land lease, the Longhorn Fuel & Food Convenience Store, the Longhorn Saloon, a museum, two houses, and two jails. "It has so much history and was once a great little rally town," Olsen says. "It's really a bargain price, and it has a lot to offer." Keep in mind the price of Scenic is nearly comparable to one of Valle Piola, Italy, a whole Abruzzan village that's also on the market. How do the Badlands stack up next to the Italian hillside? Decisions, decisions!

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