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Soon-To-Be-Divorced Tony Danza Lists Malibu Beach House

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The actor Tony Danza, who first gained fame in the sitcom Taxi, has recently had a better time picking real estate investments than he has projects. His most recent foray into small-screen work, Teach: Tony Danza, was cancelled after just seven episodes. Luckily, Danza has something in the bank for a rainy day, or rather, on the beach. The actor bought this Malibu, Calif. beach house back in 1987 for $1.15M, meaning he stands to make a hefty profit if it fetches anywhere near its $9.1M asking price, a profit he will have to share with his soon-to-be-ex wife. This is no overpriced beach shack either. It has 50 feet of beach frontage, 3,000 square feet, and five bedrooms.
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