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John and Cindy McCain's Former House Meets Auction Block

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The Phoenix, Ariz., house where John and Cindy McCain raised their children (and where Cindy herself grew up) is now facing foreclosure, with a trustee-sale auction date set for Aug. 15. In 2005, Arch Digest had these poetic words about the Senator's abode: "Behind a wrought iron fence and a long row of orange trees on a shady street in north-central Phoenix, the house is unspectacular but supremely comfortable, that enduring symbol of American life and contentment, a family home." The McCains sold the house for $3.2M in 2006, moving into a penthouse before McCain's 2008 presidential run. But thanks to buyer/investor Jane Popple, their old property now features an additional 4,000 square feet of space (totaling 14,000), as well as 11 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and completely remodeled interiors that are, apparently, "IDEAL FOR ENTERTAINING 250-400 OF YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS," according to the enthused brokerbabble. All those renovations come with a price, of course: Popple owes $4.5M on the property, which has plummeted from its 2008 ask of $12M down to $2.5M.
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